1. Who / What is Fog City Faithful?  We are loyal fans of the Seattle Sounders FC Major League Soccer team. We host matchday viewings at locations in and around the SF Bay area and Northern California, encouraging Sounders fans to come together to cheer on the team, and enjoying some good conversation and company with like-minded people. Join us!
  2. Are you affiliated with the soccer team or other organizations? We are an independent supporters group and are affiliated with the largest of the Sounders’ supporters groups, Emerald City Supporters (“ECS”).  ECS has a special working relationship with the club, and has power to elect members to the Fan Council, which votes on operations for Sounders FC.
  3. How is Fog City Faithful affiliated with ECS? Many of our original members have been long-time members of ECS and relocated to the Northern California region. We became recognized as an official regional sub-group of ECS in 2013, which means that we are part of a nation-wide organization of ECS sub-groups.
  4. Who are the other official Regional Subgroups of ECS? You can see for yourself.
  5. Do I have to pay anything to become a member of Fog City Faithful? – To be an official subgroup, we must maintain a status of 25 active dues-paying members in ECS.
    1. We encourage you to become a paid member of ECS and to select FCF as your sub-group. A portion of your dues goes to help produce the amazing Tifo displays seen periodically at home games in Seattle.
    2. We also encourage FCF members to donate $5-$10 extra to help cover sub-group costs such as creating scarves, away match tailgate events, and even boring things like paying for our website. This is not mandatory for membership, but we appreciate any and all donations.
  6. I’d like to become more involved in helping the FCF grow, or to host matchday viewing in a new location. What is the best way to do this?  Please contact us to chat about this. We’re always excited to grow the group!
  7. Where can I catch a match with FCF? Well, my friend, you are in luck. Come and join us at one of three matchday pubs.