by Charles Therrell (DISK DOKTOR)

Greetings to my brothers and sisters in Green. The time has come upon us again where we revisit the worst publicised tournament in United States football, the US Open Cup. Seattle Sounders travel further south from the terraces of the Morrison Street ground. Just a few days after Dempsey’s titanic stoppage time equaliser, more football on the horizon. Time to descend on the Coleman Avenue ground in San Jose. We are Fog City, and we sort it out proper. Meaning we shall make a noise that is seldom heard in the South Bay. A big, stroppy, Green noise. I remember a time where the Ultras from SJ threw rubbish at our coach on the way out of the ground. Bollocks, that is. And I feel that pain. It comes from a lack of identity. First, it was the NASL Earthquakes, then nothing, then the San Jose Clash MLS rebrand, then the team moving to Houston, and now you’re the Earthquakes? Will the real San Jose Earthquakes please stand up. Feel free to ask the advise of the real Slim Shady who was also asked to please stand up, please stand up. At the end of the day, it’s time to put another US Open Cup enemy to the sword. Join me in the auld toast: TO THE SEATTLE SOUNDERS FOOTBALL CLUB…AND VICTORY!!!

Portland Timbers v Seattle Sounders
If anyone deserves their picture in this week’s article, it’s Clint. Though Torres deserves credit for that awesome service. Any thoughts of moving Torres to midfield, Schmetz?

The Good News
No losses in the Cup thus far. We’re just as likely to win as lose, and in a cup tournament, that’s the way you want to be. Dempsey was straight legendary rising up for that epic header against the toss. I’d say he was bucking for a place in the team for this match, yeh? No one seemed to get nicked up in the crucible of heat that was PDX on a Sunday night. Quakes’ manager Dominic Kinnear has been sacked. So things in the Smurfy patch are not going particularly well. Quakes last league match was a narrow win against a Salt Lake side that is second from bottom.

The Bad News
Evans got himself sent off, so that’s not good. Is a sending off in the league applicable to the Cup? I’m guessing no? No way to tell, as the media virtually ignores this tournament. Road record in the league is not great. If Wondo features for SJ, that’s a bad thing for us, as he has torpedoed us at every opportunity, and is a lethal finisher. It goes without saying or producing statistics that the Sounders have always had a rough time of it in San Jose.

Know Thine Enemy
Goalkeeper – Their best ‘keeper is David Bingham. The reason is that he played for Cal. He’s played 90 times for the Quakes and nine times for Strømmen IF in Norway. Bersano and Tarbell are the understudies, so maybe they play, but likely not.

Defence – Cato, 24, a Trinidadian national and former Sounder has played 97 times for the Earthquakes scoring seven goals. He has 20 caps for Trinidad & Tobago. He is listed as a midfielder which leads me to believe that he will play more of an overlapping role. Bernardez, 35, is a Honduran national who’s experience is by way of Belgium and Mexico. He played 22 matches for Anderlecht and also has played nearly 140 times for the Quakes. He has 78 caps for Honduras. Imperiale, 30, used football to travel everywhere: Greece, Chile, Costa Rica, before finding a place with San Jose in 2016. He has played twice for the Quakes this season, 13 times since he signed. Lima, 22, is a Castro Valley, CA native. Played 72 times for Cal in the NCAA. He’s played nine times for the Quakes, signing with them this season.

Midfield – Hoesen, 26, is a Dutch national who once played 32 times for Ajax, scoring 7 goals. He is currently on loan from Groningen where he played 57 times scoring 11 goals. He has played 17 times for the Quakes, scoring twice. Godoy, 27, is Torres’ teammate in the Panama team. He has played 45 times for the Quakes and 24 times for Honved in Hungary. Ceren, 27, is a Salvadoran national who played for Orlando 65 times, and 12 times for the Quakes. He has 41 caps for El Salvador. Hyka, 29, is an Albanian national who played in Norway, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, and finally signed with the Quakes in 2017. He has played 13 times for the Quakes and 44 times for Albania.

Forward – Urena, 27, is a Costa Rican national. He’s played nearly 60 times for Alajuelense, and followed that up with trips to Russia, playing 31 times for Krasnodar, followed by nearly 30 appearances for Midtjylland in Denmark, then Brøndby, before signing with the Quakes this season. He has played 16 times for San Jose and has 40 Costa Rica caps. Wondolowski, 34, is a dead lethal finisher. He has put us to the sword more than once, scoring 10 goals against us in the league. he has played nearly 240 times for San Jose, scoring over 120 goals. That is a silly strike rate. Wondolowski has 35 United States caps, scoring 11 goals.

Familiar Faces
Cordell Cato played eight times for the Sounders FC.

San Jose from: Bingham, Tarbell, Bersano, Sarkodie, Bernardez, Imperiale, Colvey, Francis, Lima, Salinas, Cato, Hyka, Qazaishvili, Mfeka, Yueill, Ceren, Thompson, Godoy, Silva, Wondolowski, Hoesen, Urena, Dawkins.

Sounders FC from: Frei, Miller, Meredith, Evans, Tolo, Marshall, Alfaro, Torres, Jones, Fisher, Svensson, Alonso, Roldan, Fernandez, Lodeiro, Kovar, Shipp, Delem, Wingo, Mathers, Morris, Bruin, Adekoya.

Last Known Injured
San Jose –
OUT: Amarikwa (knee), Wynne (heart abnormality), Pelosi (knee), Cummings (leg), Jungwirth (ankle), Alashe (knee).

Sounders FC –
OUT: none.
MATCHDAY DECISION: Adekoya (ankle).

Dempsey, because he’s eternally paying for ripping up a referee’s notebook.

Fun Fact
My first Sounders match was a US Open Cup at Kezar Stadium in SF against the Quakes with Cato scoring in the 19th minute to defeat the Quakes. Thanks to the supporters that offered us whisky before we entered the stadium. Ah, good times.