by Charles Therrell (DISK DOKTOR)

Greetings to my brothers and sisters in Green. Another trip to the Coleman Avenue ground. Another face to face with San Jose. Why is it so difficult to win there? The chill of the Bay Area night? Can’t be the distance of the trip. What makes it so difficult to win there? We generally have good support. My advice for this night. Be louder. Find your mates at the pre-funks. Join forces with your mates coming down from the Evergreen. Make your voices as one. We have a great deal of talent in this team now. We sacrifice nothing. Be as one. One voice. One club. FCF, ECS, and any of our other many sub-groups who may find themselves there shall be heard at a volume and density that few things are heard. I have faith in my brothers and sisters in Green. I have faith in those that gather at Danny Coyle’s in the Haight, with Brian and Shivers watching over them. I have faith in those gathering in the South Bay at other venues as well. We are the Faithful. And in the name of the auld toast: TO THE SEATTLE SOUNDERS FOOTBALL CLUB…AND VICTORY!!!

The new boy Svensson has served well in the back. Credit due. Show him your voices in praise. He deserves it.

The Good News
San Jose have lost their last two matches. The San Jose output for goal scoring this season is the same as ours. We have a slightly better defensive record this season. We have shored up the side considerably and that’s one of the reasons we drew our last trip down to Coleman Avenue. The lads are well rested, and we’ve only Evans and Kovar out. The metrics favour us, but on short data and small sample size.

The Bad News
As it turns out there’s a tonne of this. We have one win in our last five. Before the Quakes two-match losing streak they were flush with three wins in a row. Overall we have only seven wins out of 21 matches all-time against San Jose. They defeated Montreal at Coleman Avenue 1:0. We could only manage an away draw in Montreal 2:2. We have only won one time in nine attempts at San Jose. San Jose are 8th in the league table. We are 13th. Wondolowski is the bane of Seattle having scored the most of any player from any club against us with 10 goals against us all-time. Dempsey has scored two against the Quakes. Lodeiro and Morris one each.

Know Thine Enemy
Goalkeeper – David Bingham is a proper goalkeeper. He played for the University of California. He now has nearly 100 pro appearances and three caps for the USA. His understudy Tarbell is extremely green with only 14 appearances as a professional.

Defence – Bernardez is suspended as he was sent off last week. This is a major blow to the Quakes’ defence. However, their eligible defenders and their cover seem more than adequate to do the job. Castro Valley born Lima played 72 times for Cal. Grimes wouldn’t have played him if he didn’t see something in him. Jungwirth has things to prove, and a fair chip on his shoulder. The German national team has ignored him since 2009 when he earned the last of his 48 youth caps. Jungwirth also played nearly 90 times for Dinamo Dresden. So, fair experience acknowledged. Francis is an old hand as well with 73 MLS matches under his belt in addition to 7 caps for Jamaica. Who will fill in for vice-captain, Bernardez is the question. Experience says that it will be Imperiale as the Argentinian national played a lot of football for some very good clubs in South and Central America.  The other option is Sarkodie, a USA youth teams product with 100 matches in MLS.

Midfield – Thompson is a mere 21 years old but has 62 matches under his belt at pro level and also 21 matches for USA youth sides. Alashe is a 23-year-old domestic product that has played as a pro 76 times. Cerén is a veteran of Salvadoran football who joined MLS in 2016 and has 55 matches playing in our league.

Forward – Dawkins, an England-born Spurs product who never made it at White Hart Lane. Played 53 matches with San Jose only to later move to England again for a 50 match run at Derby. He has since returned to the Bay Area and has since played nearly 30 matches for the Quakes with 5 goals since 2016. Chris Wondolowski needs no introduction. He has a strike rate for San Jose in excess of 50%. He has over 260 matches of experience in MLS. He scores goals, period.

Familiar Faces
Cato played eight times for Sounders FC.

Selections for Last Match
San Jose: Bingham, Lima, Bernárdez, Jungwirth, Francis, Thompson, Alashe, Cerén, Dawkins, Wondolowski.

Bench: Tarbell (gk), Imperiale, Sarkodie, Hyka, Salinas, Godoy, Hoesen.

Sounders FC: Frei, Delem, Svensson, Alfaro, Jones, Alonso, Roldan, Fernández, Lodeiro, Shipp, Morris.

Bench: Miller (gk), Torres, Wingo, Fisher, Tolo, Dempsey, Bruin.

Injury List
San Jose –
OUT: Amarikwa (knee surgery), Wynne (heart abnormality), Pelosi (knee), Cummings (leg surgery).

Sounders FC –
OUT: Evans (calf), Kovar (groin surgery).
MATCHDAY DECISION: Fisher (hamstring).

San Jose: Bernárdez (sent off).
Sounders FC: None.

Fun Fact
You want to know how Seattle legit Henry Wingo is? He played twice for Puget Sound Gunners in the PDL and played three seasons at U-Dub. All this and he’s still a baby bairn at 21 years of age. Pinch his wee cheeks as he’s just on solid food.