by Charles Therrell (DISK DOKTOR)

Greetings to my brothers and sisters in Green. Is it, could it be, a sea change in our fortunes? The coming of Lodeiro and his impact on the side is massive. Is it enough to salvage our MLS Cup hopes? So much at stake. The most exciting part of the season is at hand. Can we climb the distance into an MLS Cup berth? With the paradigm of the side changed, the possibilities are limitless. Salt Lake have to play in the confines of Royal Brougham Park. It’s an inhospitable ground for visitors. They will have to listen to one side of the park shout SEATTLE, followed closely by the other side shouting SOUNDERS. If I were a visiting footballer, I would be cowed by the committed support of the Sounders faithful. There will be viewing parties for those without match tickets. Parties across the entire MLS nation. I will be at Fado in Seattle, with mates. We will cheer on the Sounders, and embrace the Green family within, should they present themselves. I’m sure parties at Fuel and Doyle’s will be smart in the Seattle. Parties at Danny Coyle’s and CommonWealth in the Haight and the Oak respectively will be well represented. I have faith in you lot. And we have faith in our boys in Green. Stand and be counted. Join each other in the auld toast: TO THE SEATTLE SOUNDERS FOOTBALL CLUB AND VICTORY!!!

The Good News
In the history of our meetings, we have only dropped two of nine results at Royal Brougham Park to Salt Lake. The signing of Lodeiro has been a revelation in the two matches he’s played in. We sorted Orlando City who hadn’t lost at home in a 1:3 result that likely has the Orlando fan base asking questions of it’s side. Morris is laying off the football like an auld centre-forward to the Dempsey. It seems like Lodeiro has opened up a beautiful partnership between Morris and Dempsey. This can only be good.

The Bad News
Against Salt Lake all-time, we’ve dropped eight results out of 18. They are fierce competitors. Five-time MLS All-Star goalkeeper and American international, Nick Rimando is never easy to play against.

The Rest
The goals for and against are basically a crapshoot at 22 for the Sounders, and 20 for the Salt Lake. The RSL manager is Jeff Cassar, who used to be a goalkeeper at Florida International University and appeared 51 times for Miami Fusion who were an MLS team that was blotted out.

Familiar Faces
RSL wing-back Tony Beltran used to play for UCLA back in his amateur days. Watched him play versus Stefan Frei and Cal at Edwards Stadium in Berkeley for $8. I got the better of that deal.

Selections for Last Match
Sounders FC: Frei, Mears, Evans, Marshall, Joevin Jones, Alonso, Roldan, Lodeiro, Dempsey, Ivanschitz, Morris.

Bench: Miller (gk), Scott, Valdez, Friberg, Fernández, Gómez, Anderson.

Salt Lake: Rimando, Wingert, Olave, Glad, Phillips, Mulholland, Beckerman, Morales, Martínez, García, Plata.

Bench: Attinella (gk), Beltran, Maund, Stertzer, Movsisyan, Sandoval, Holness.

Injury List
OUT: Torres (ACL), Kovar (broken clavicle).
MATCHDAY DECISION: Friberg (ankle).

Salt Lake-
OUT: Welshman (hip surgery), Stephen (facial fractures).
MATCHDAY DECISION: Movsysian (hip), Allen (adductor).

Salt Lake-
Out next booking: Tony Beltran.

Fun Fact
In 2011, Branden Steineckert, drummer of punk band Rancid and a supporter of Real Salt Lake, composed the song “Believe” in honor of the club. Initially posted on YouTube, the song has since been adopted as the team’s official anthem, being sung at the beginning of every home game, as well as after all goals scored by RSL.